Seminar Testimonials

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Dr. Kasra Pournadeali, ND

"Dr. Sharif's class revitalized my interest in homeopathy. His practical video method of training provides an opportunity found in no other Homeopathy course. By using Dr. Sharif's simple, novel, and effective method of kinesthetic prescribing, I can once again consider Homeopathy in every patient encounter."

Dr. Kasra Pournadeali, ND
(Present of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, and past president of Washington Association of Naturopathic Physicians)

Dr. Dawahare, ND

Before taking Dr. Sharif’s Visual Homeopathy class, I used homeopathy for acute situations only. Arnica for injuries and bruises, symphytum for broken bones, hypericum for nerve injuries, and so on. This is know as acute prescribing. But after taking the Visual Homeopathy class, I felt much more confident in prescribing the remedies according to a person’s constitution or constitutional prescribing. I could visually identify 15 or so of the top constitutional homeopathic remedies with ease. In the airport on the way home, I spotted 3 of the remedies we spoke about in class. Before taking this class, I would not have been able to recognize the visual patterns associated with these constitutional remedies. After learning about what cues to look for and watching several videos of these polycrest remedies in class, I found the remedies easy to spot. I recommend this class for anyone who wants to learn to quickly identify a person’s constitutional homeopathic remedy. Thanks Dr. Sharif!

Blessings, Dr. Dawahare

Sandy Wright, HMC, DCH

Dr Sharum's Visual Homeopathy course is awesome. I highly recommend his book and course. This is the most practical course I have ever taken in homeopathy. Even though I have been practicing for over ten years, I still found the information invaluable!

Sandy Wright, HMC, DCH
Windsor, ON

Dr. Joshua Rubinstein, ND

Dr. Sharif's Visual Homeopathy seminar was extremely practical and clinically useful. I believe constitutional homeopathy is too valuable a modality to be set aside by future N.D.s. Dr. Sharif presents an approach that makes homeopathy more accessible to future and current practitioners.

Assistant professor at Bastyr University
Co-owner of Natural Reflections Healthcare

Dr. Richard Kitaeff, M.A., N.D., Dip.Ac., L.Ac.

"I too was reluctant to prescribe constitutional homeopathic remedies, in spite of lots of training, because of the time-consuming process and hit-and-miss record of results. Your course did open my eyes to a brief and accurate approach that is also fun. I have been prescribing remedies for many of my patients using the visual and energetic approach and getting impressive results. I still concentrate on acupuncture as the best way to directly, physically regulate the nervous system in general and just throw in the constitutional remedy at the end of an acupuncture treatment. The combined effect is definitely stronger than with acupuncture alone."

Dr. Richard Kitaeff, M.A., N.D., Dip.Ac., L.Ac.
Director, New Health Medical Center
Staff Acupuncturist, Northwest Hospital
Clinical Affiliate Faculty, Bastyr University

A neurologist:

I'm a neurologist with a keen personal interest in homeopathy: I was happy to be able to purchase a hard copy of your book Visual Homeopathy. It has been an excellent resource and I commend you for your superb writing and teaching skills!

Ryan Carnahan, DCH, RMT

"Learning to perceive a patient’s state with precision often takes many years to master. In Dr. Sharif’s Visual Homeopathy Course, you learn how to do it instantly and with accuracy. I am grateful for Dr. Sharif’s passion and ability to pass on this essential aspect of homeopathy in a way that is truly dedicated to helping our patients. The course is fast paced and focuses less upon extraneous information, and more upon the visceral experience of practicing homeopathy. Beginner to expert homeopaths will find the Visual Homeopathy Course offers gems of unique information and a wealth of experience in a short amount of time. This is the true art of homeopathy."

Ryan Carnahan, DCH, RMT
Homeopath (Practicing homeopathy for 11 years)

Dr. Kira FrKetich, ND

"I've been having some great results with the homeopathy lately; pain disappearing, the feeling of lightness or euphoria, all that good stuff. This way of perscribing is such a breath of fresh air from any other course or technique of perscribing I've ever learned before, I can't thank you enough for your insights, energy, and wisdom."

Dr. Kira FrKetich, ND
Clinic Supervisor at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine
Vancouver, BC

Dr. Jake Felice, ND


"I can't express in words how profound Dr. Sharif's homeopathy class was for me and my practice. Although extremely interested in constitutional prescribing before these classes, I feared its great complexity, and I only prescribed acutely. After attending two of Dr. Sharif's seminars I am now able to prescribe constitutionally for about 85% of my patients. The clinical results are profound and I am truly grateful to be able to offer these services. The videos are a key component and aid to this understanding, and Dr. Sharif's class notes are impeccable. The study of homeopathy is now a joyful and daily practice for me, whereas before this class it was only a hobby and past-time."

Dr. Jake Felice, ND

Dr. Melissa DeForest, ND

"Dr. Sharif’s Visual Homeopathy seminar simplifies the way you learn and practice homeopathy. Instead of being inundated with information about each remedy, you learn a handful of traits about the most common remedies you will see in your practice. And the best part is that it saves you so much time as a doctor, since you can know the patient's remedy usually within the first 5 minutes of the interview! It's simply a matter of matching the personality of your patient to the personality of the remedy."

Dr. Melissa DeForest, ND

The following is a letter written by a naturopathic medical student at Bastyr University regarding Dr. Sharum Sharif's lectures/seminars:

A big part of what drew me into naturopathic medicine was the fact that it recognizes the intelligent, energetic force within that has the power to balance and heal the body if one will only acknowledge it and step out of its way. Arriving at Bastyr University I did not have the clearest vision as to how I desired to practice, but I knew I was on the right path. It was not until the beginning of this year, my third year (out of five), that my vision plopped down right in front of me. I attended a talk at Bastyr given by the passionate and inspiring personality of Dr. Sharum Sharif. He electrified my spirit, jolting me from my two-year coma of pure basic scientific musings.

I had been studying homeopathy for only about a month when I saw him talk. Prior to the talk I had a sneaking suspicion that I would be a homeopath in my future days, but hearing him speak confirmed this suspicion down to my soul. He so firmly believes in homeopathy. His conviction convinced me that there is definitely power behind the medicine. Shortly thereafter, I attended his homeopathy seminar in Vancouver. There I got to see on videotape hundreds of examples of people who were truly helped by homeopathy. We saw examples of instantaneous changes that occurred within people when given their proper constitutional remedy, as well as positive long-term changes that manifested in their lives. This seminar motivated me to no end.

Keep on inspiring :)

Shannon Zelazny

Student Evaluations of Visual Homeopathy Seminar at Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine in Vancouver, BC:

  • "Awesome! I learned more about remedies in 2 days than in 2 years!"
    -Grace Franciscato

  • "Dr. Sharif’s course is a beautiful and exciting way to bridge Naturopathic and Homeopathic worlds. He has discovered a successful method of making homeopathy manageable and practical, while still honoring the complexity and specificity of this modality."
    -Baili Clarhe

  • "Dr. Sharif’s seminar was tremendously helpful, interesting, and enjoyable. It was as if he transferred his passion and enthusiasm for homeopathy over to me within minutes. I truly believe he has found the missing link in the management of health. I feel as though he has connected the dots of my naturopathic education and set up a model of healing for me that I will use in my future practice. His sense of humor was icing on the cake."
    -Shannon Zelazny (Bastyr Student)

  • "Dr. Sharif has given me a new appreciation for homeopathy and a renewed confidence that successful homeopathic prescribing IS possible and does not have to take hours of repertorizing and knit-picking over details. He has focused my case taking and given me a map for navigating through the vast sea that is homeopathic medicine."
    -Brewster Scott

  • "The most valuable and enjoyable homeopathy class I’ve ever taken. Dr. Sharif has a gift for teaching homeopathy in a simplified and memorable way. Thank you!!"
    -Alea Gill

  • "I really appreciate Dr. Sharif’s knowledge and experience in the field of homeopathy. His visual homeopathy course is presented with great charisma and a lot of clinical experience. It really helped me gain a better understanding of some of the main polycrest remedies and how to identify them."
    -Kyley Hunt

  • "Dr. Sharif’s course on visual homeopathy simplified homeopathy to make it a practical modality. He created a new interest in homeopathy by teaching how to incorporate all the human senses into case taking. I am now passionate about finding people’s remedies."
    -Rachel Visscher

  • "Dr. Sharif is truly inspirational. He is concerned about the success of Naturopathic medicine and is expressing this fact via motivating others. Dr. Sharif has the gift and ability to use humor when facilitating the healing process. If you are a student that is lacking inspiration, Dr. Sharif will truly help to change your perspective."
    -Noah Perlman (Bastyr Student)

  • "This course is so worthwhile! It likely will become one of the most valuable learning experiences of my medical education. I feel like in just a few short days, I actually have the ability to recognize some of the key homeopathic remedies."
    -Martha Reid

Student Evaluations of Visual Homeopathy Seminar at NCNM, Portland, Oregon:

Note: The students for this continuing education course were mostly practicing NDs.

This class has been more helpful to me than all of the homeopathy courses I have taken combined! So many things clicked in my brain today. Would love more classes. Seeing the videos of the remedies is so amazing.

Great presentation- very lively and funny.

Loved it! Would enjoy another classes with Dr. Sharif.

Great interactive learning experience.

He pitched his book and business some, but it wasn’t offensive to me.

Really enjoyed organization and practical aspect. Can apply easily knowledge acquired.

Ryan Robbins

Thanks for bringing us back to the fundamentals of homeopathic prescribing - remembering that the whole presentation of the patient is more important than the individual symptoms found in small rubrics. I gained a lot from the videos that you and your patients have been kind enough to produce. Watching these was a great privilege, and really cemented my knowledge and memory of remedy presentations.

Ryan Robbins, Bastyr University

Todd A. Born

"After precepting with Dr. Sharif for over 45 hours, I have a newfound love for homeopathy and naturopathic medicine in general. His style of homeopathic intake is unlike anything I've experienced before. It's quick, accurate, efficacious, simple and easy to learn.

As naturopathic physicians, it is not financially sound to sit with a patient for hours to do a homeopathic intake, sometimes asking questions leading us to answers that may guide us to the wrong remedy, just to have to go back and reportorize; coming up with an appropriate remedy is contingent upon our reportorization skills. If one doesn't find the "right rubric" we may be missing out on the proper constitutional remedy. All of this time spent takes us away from other patients we might be able to see. To make up for seeing few patients in a day, we have to charge them exorbitant fees.

Dr. Sharif’s method compartmentalizes remedies into "energetic categories", simplifying homeopathic intake and expediting the time spent to find the patient’s correct constitutional remedy. By matching the energetics of the remedy to that of the patient’s, the probability of finding the correct remedy is vastly increased."

Todd A. Born
Bastyr University Naturopathic Candidate 2010

Alli Svobodny

"Dr. Sharif's Visual Homeopathy course is the most beneficial homeopathy class I've taken because it is so immediately applicable and not an overwhelming amount of information on each remedy. It gave me a focus for each remedy that I had not experienced before. It also gave me a more visceral "feeling" for each remedy state that you simply cannot get from reading the materia medica. So exciting!"

Alli Svobodny
3rd year ND student at Bastyr

Moon Jean Ho

Thank you so much for the class. This class was just what I needed! I am excited about taking the advanced Visual Homeopathy seminar. I am also looking forward to the next edition of the text with pictures. I think everybody has been practicing what we learned from you. We just can't help it! The class gave me a framework and jumping board for practicing and learning homeopathy. My career as a homeopath has become much more concrete. I am so glad I took the class! The class was fun! THANK YOU!"

Moon Jean Ho
Bastyr student


I am an ND, and saw you speak at the AANP last year. Your lecture was truly the first to get me interested in homeopathy, so thank you!


"I really enjoyed the seminar this past weekend. I feel like watching
the amount of videos we did really helped me start to see the trends
that are apparent with each remedy."

EH, a Bastyr University student

Evaluations for Nov 23-24, 2013 seminar held at Boucher, Vancouver, BC:

Your workshop was exactly what I wanted it to be. It gave me another way to access the beautiful wisdom of homeopathy. Since then I have used the notes from the workshop and prescribed, successfully I believe, several remedies that have had significant impact on my patients. I only wish we'd had time to cover more remedies.

You are a great teacher and I found your own sense of the remedies and your notes very helpful. For me the videos were difficult to learn from, and that may be because I don't think in terms of pattern recognition.

Hollie Levine, ND

The class was really amazing. Having you explain the nuances (pushing up sleeves, sad look in the eyes, etc.) while we were watching the videos was helpful. I found it useful to know approximately how often you see each remedy (Calc carbs—common, Lachesis—rare). I never was able to find Kent’s repertory very useful either. Based on your recommendation, I bought Morrison’s book! I appreciate your honesty about not using it until recently.

Anyway, I like your approach because it’s easier for me to comprehend and I can see myself using it. Without your approach I haven’t really been too interested in doing a 2 hour intake, etc. I find myself trying to think about patient’s remedies now. I also find that I have better understanding of the polycrests. Thanks for all you have shared with me. I truly appreciate it. You are so amazing ;-)

L.F. Graduating senior at Bastyr University

It was very inspiring and I enjoyed the content. My main feedback would be that for someone who isn't a homeopathic genius, it was hard if people shout out the remedy right away because I'm easily swayed and don't get a chance to think it through for myself. But I did gain a deeper understanding of the polycrests and that is great.

K. Naturopath from Vancouver, BC

Although yet a student of homeopathy, with much to learn about its depth and intricacies, I was thrilled with the experience and insight I gained from the Visual Homeopathy Seminar. This course has helped me to recognize the highlights of what it is to BE each of the most common polycrest remedies. Visual Homeopathy is an insightful and attentive tool by which to identify the underlying nature and mannerisms of each polycrest. I'm very excited to now have the confidence to say for example, that I know she's a Phosphorus, because I can identify the full collection of attributes which manifest her "phosphorusness," regardless of where she lies along the spectrum of phosphorus. I look forward to using Visual Homeopathy to help guide me through my studies, and to lead me into a confident practice of this most impressive medical art.

Erika Nabuurs, BSc, ND (candidate)

Evaluations for April 18-19, 2015 seminar held at Boucher, Vancouver, BC:

I really enjoyed your class, and I am very grateful that you decided to come to teach the few of us.
I love the videos, and your help with analysing them. That makes a difference. I wish you could teach homeopathy at Boucher, it would make a huge difference in interest of the students in homeopathy.
The structure of the class was great, otherwise I don't have any complaints.