Seminar Offerings

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How do you know when and where the next seminar offering will be?

The next seminar is in Seattle on Nov 11-12, 2017, 9AM - 5PM. It will be held at Dr. Sharif's clinic in Kent (look up directions by going to his clinic site This seminar is a basic Visual Homeopathy course.

Student Cost: $325
Doctor Cost: $375

You can register by contacting Dr. Sharif's office (Whole Health Clinic) at 425-656-0700.

You can check this page or directly contact Dr. Sharif’s office to inquire about future seminars. You can also sign up through the homepage of this website to receive email notification of upcoming classes.

How long is the seminar?
Visual Homeopathy seminars are taught either over one or two days, on weekends.
The upcoming one in November is two days.

Is there a pre-requisite for this seminar?
No. Of course, a basic background in homeopathy is recommended, but not necessary. Even individuals with no background in homeopathy are often able to spot common constitutional types after taking a one or two day Visual Homeopathy seminar. However, the more extensive the student's background in homeopathy, the more she appears to appreciate the Visual Homeopathy seminars because she has experienced first-hand how difficult it is to find a person’s constitutional remedy.