Epidemic Mucous/Sinusitis Returns

Submitted by Editor on Wed, 02/04/2015 - 18:48
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(Note that the following information is solely based on my personal findings and do not necessarily reflect a complete picture of what is presently going on in all the medical clinics in the area. If you suffer from sinusitis/cough symptoms, you must be seen by a qualified health care practitioner in order to receive proper care. The information below is meant to be for educational purposes only.)

Dear colleagues,

We seem to have another possible epidemic of mucous/sinusitis/cough going around this year, one that is very similar in nature to the one we had last year. Last year, the epidemic started in early Fall and continued through Spring. This year, based on what I have seen so far in our region, the epidemic started a few weeks ago.

The symptoms can vary from patient to patient. However, what seems to show up in nearly all patients is a thick layer of mucous in the throat that is resistant to coming up and out. This excess mucous/phlegm accumulation in the throat can in some cases cause much coughing. Some people complain of sinus pressure/pain as well.

To my knowledge, other than homeopathy, no natural medicines or pharmaceutical drugs seem to be effective in treating this epidemic. Last year’s epidemic of mucous/sinusitis/cough would last weeks to several months in many cases. I saw patients who were literally suicidal due to the length of time they were debilitated by this condition. The epidemic this year does not appear to be as serious, both physically or emotionally, as last year’s; however, I have seen some cases where patients have been very distraught. Therefore, I recommend you get it treated as soon as you start experiencing excess mucous in your throat and/or sinuses. Most patients require the remedy Kali bich (ideally in higher potencies such as 200c or 1M). However, some seem to require other remedies such as Pulsatilla, etc. As always, homeopathic remedies provide rather rapid relief from symptoms. In the majority of the cases I have seen so far this year, patients’ symptoms improve within 10-15 minutes of taking the remedy. I have found that most patients need a dose of Kali bich 200c or 1M daily or every other day until they are completely well. The process of healing seems to be taking several days up to a week even though the patient might start feeling much better within the first day or two. When the remedy starts to wear off, the mucous returns. (Note: If you happen to have been prescribed a “constitutional” homeopathic remedy by me, please note that your constitutional remedy will most likely NOT help you in treating this particular epidemic.)

For more information, please read the blog I wrote last February titled "homeopathy, the most effective therapy for the present epidemic of sinusitis/mucous”.

Dr. Sharif