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Drainage/detox (using UNDA drops) and homeopathy together help a child cope with life.

Liam's constitutional homeopathic remedy is Pulsatilla.

Here Liam's mother shares with us how Liam's overall health has improved with the aid of biotherapeutic drainage/detox (i.e. UNDA drops) as well as his "constitutional" homeopathic remedy. She shares with us how wonderfully Liam initially responded to drainage/detox, and how his health has further improved since taking his constitutional homeopathic remedy, which he took months after he had been doing drainage/detox. (Note: The reason I didn't give Liam his homeopathic remedy from the beginning of our relationship is that his behavioral pattern was not matching any specific constitution very easily until drainage/detox “cleared” some layers enabling me to see his constitution or personality profile.)

Dr. Sharif

Persistent vomiting of over six months duration stopped overnight with food allergy elimination.


(Three videos available - click on picture to view)


Tyler used to vomit at least 6 times a day over a period of six months. He also suffers from a genetic condition called Beales syndrome. Under the supervision of his pediatrician, his parents had tried various cow’s milk formulas without success. I suggested that they stop feeding him milk all together, and instead put him on a pureed food diet. His vomiting stopped within 24 hours! This is a sad story with a happy ending. It illustrates how profoundly food can affect us, and how quickly our bodies can heal if we take out the culprit foods and/or drinks from our diets, and consume healthy foods (both solid and liquid). (Note: I have seen many patients whose various complaints have been significantly turned around with just increasing water consumption and reducing coffee/alcohol consumption, or increasing the consumption of healthy food and reducing junk food in their diet.)

Dr. Sharif

Homeopathy can be a very helpful therapy for treatment of autism.

Helen's constitutional homeopathic remedy is Bufo. Her mother's remedy is Phosphorus.

Here Cuc is sharing with us how her autistic child, Helen, has been significantly helped on an emotional as well as physical level with her “constitutional” homeopathic remedy (i.e. Bufo) along with a basic supplement regiment to improve her digestion and elimination. Her cognition has not improved very much yet, but that is work in progress.

Homeopathic Treatment of Children with Psychological & Psychiatric Problems